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Home Maintenance Tips To Follow During Fall In Canada


Read this blog to find some of the most useful home maintenance tips for fall season.

Fall home maintenance tips

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Autumn paints nature in vivid colors. The changing weather, a hot cup of coffee, and some delectable soups and stews make the fall enticing. Before the temperature drops and the days become shorter, spend some time on your home maintenance. Inspect your home. Start preparing so that your house withstands the challenges during harsher falls.  

A quick home maintenance checklist for a spick and span home as the fall approaches. 

1. Check your roof 

First thing first, get your roof inspected by a professional. Make sure it endures the beating of the fall. If there are any loose shingles, they can cause water leakage as the ice thaws. It may cause damage to your attic. Look out for missing shingles.  

2. Clear out the gutter and downspouts 

Ensure the gutter is not getting clogged by dry leaves or stray plants. Ensure the sewer drains the water effectively. Add leaf cover on the eaves trough to avoid any clogging problems. Ensures the water does not get down from the downspouts and does not leak into any part of your house.  

3. Garden maintenance and trimming of the trees 

Shred all the dead leaves on the ground. If the leaves form a layer, pick them up, and use them as compost. If the tree has any branch with no leaf or flower, it can fall and cause damage during fall. Prune the dead branches to prevent any harm caused by the fierce winds or ice storms.  

4. Furnace check and cleaning

As the cold kicks in, you need to ensure your furnace operates optimally. You can hire a professional to get it done. A grimy furnace might use more gas or electricity. If you could not get your furnace checked, repair the furnace filter before the fall arrives.  

5. Repair the porch 

Check the porch, driveway, stairway, deck for any cracks. Make sure you fill-up the damaged floor, as small cracks take no time to expand and make inroads to further damage. Clean up the deck and get rid of the debris and mold.  

Fall maintenance
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6. Clean your air conditioner 

Disconnect your air conditioner to prevent it from getting damaged. You can cover up the AC, get rid of the waste, and protect it from snow or ice. Removing debris helps keep your air conditioner and keeps it in good condition during the fall.  

7. Check Weatherstripping 

If the windows and doors have cracks, your house loses heat. It can raise your annual heating and cooling costs. Replace the older weatherstripping, seal the gaps and cracks. Your home must not lose any heat throughout the fall. 

8. Check insulation 

Examine the attic door for gaps that allow warm air to enter the attic. Check if you have insulated the attic properly. Check your window and door insulation to prevent the warmth from escaping.  

9. Check smoke detectors 

Check if your smoke detectors are in the best condition and function properly in an emergency. If your home has gas appliances, you need to install an efficient smoke detector.  

10. Get necessary equipment

As fall approaches, make sure you have the equipment, such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and gardening tools. Ensure that shovels, snowblowers, and ice scrapers are easily accessible.  

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