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About Us

Our Story

Your Financial Health, Our Responsibility

ExpertByArea.money leverages years of experience to fetch trusted, carefully vetted, and curated financial information to help you make informed decisions on finances. With us, you can gain valuable insights into banking, insurance, mortgage, real estate, and investment before you take concrete steps to improve your financial health.

One of the most common sources of stress is money! One of the most significant burdens is poor financial health. Therefore, we believe that “Financial health should be accessible to all” because everyone deserves a chance to improve their financial health and prosper in life.

Expert by Area is a Canadian organization focused on improving the financial health of Canadian Customers. Experts, policymakers, and technological innovators from various industries are all part of our productive financial health network. This helps us maintain and enrich your financial health.

At Expert by Area financial information repository, you will get an insight into healthy financial practices and a networking tool where you can connect with global financial experts.

We share verified quality information on commonly asked financial questions, processes, and documentation. We designed our articles to match customer needs and show effectiveness over time to create better financial health offerings for customers, employees, and communities.

Grounded in thousands of hours of research, we offer unbiased information and avoid being opinionated. Our customers, clients, and partners can no way affect our recommendations or advice. Our partners cannot pay us to influence or guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

Better Finances are the key to a better quality of life.

Our Philosophy


We envision a safe online space in the form of Expert By Area.Money that you can trust for verified financial information. We believe that better financial health can ultimately lead to a better quality of life. We envision to be a positive force in people’s lives that serves them responsibly and brings them better financial health.


We are on a mission to dispel finance-related myths and misinformation, replacing it with verified helpful content that helps people get better insights into their finances. We empower you to take informed decisions leading to financial success and growth.


We aim to go above and beyond to empower our readers through hand-vetted verified content. Our experts have a thorough understanding of common demands, current financial trends, and financial products. The goal is to extend all of this to you in an easily graspable format. We aim to assist as many people as possible in achieving financial freedom.