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Fetch Pet Insurance Review 2022 for Ontarians

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Fetch by the Dodo covers 23+ injuries and illnesses. They offer plans with a 90% reimbursement option and are rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot. But are there insurance plans worth buying? Let us give you an honest review.  

What is the Cost of Fetch Pet Insurance?

On average, dogs’ insurance costs $35/month, whereas it is $25/month for cats. These are just the average costs. What you will pay depends entirely on the plan that you have selected. 

With insurance plans for dogs, your premium is based on three distinct factors which are: 

  • Age:  
  • For the younger dogs, you will pay a comparatively lesser premium. 
  • That is because the older ones have a higher maintenance cost. 
  • Breed:  
  • Some dogs of specific breeds have lower immunity and are even prone to some specific diseases, such as hip dysplasia. 
  • Such breeds of dogs are hard to maintain and drop ill. Here, you will pay comparatively more premium. 
  • Location:  
  • The vet charges vary from place to place. 
  • If you are living at a location with a higher cost of veterinary care, you will pay more towards the premium. 

Fetch does not consider these parameters when deciding the cost of your insurance: 

  • The sex of your pet 
  • The medical or behavioral history of your pet 
  • The neuter or spay status 
  • Indoor or outdoor status 

What Are All Illnesses Covered?

Below is a list of illnesses that are covered by fetch pet insurance: 

Prescription and Medications 

Virtual, In-office, and home visits 


Emergency vet visits 

Hospital stays 


CT scans 

Physical therapy 



Blood tests 

Breed-specific issues 

Laboratory tests 



Congenital issues 

Hereditary problems 

Every tooth covered 

Gum disease 




Anxiety and Aggression 

Chiropractic care 

What do Customers Say?

We verified their claim about getting the “excellent” title from Trustpilot. We went to their site and noticed that: 

  • About 79% of the total customers have given a five-star rating 
  • About 12% have given a one-star rating 
  • The rest of the 9% was shared among 2, 3, and 4-star ratings 

Post that, we read several comments and user experiences. Below is a list of positives and negatives based on our findings. 


  • Submitting process of the claim is quite easy 
  • The response time is fast 
  • The reimbursements happen in less than three days via direct deposits 


  • Some users reported that the process of overall claim submission was tedious, and there were issues of “denied claims. ” 
  • Customer service sometimes gets messy, and customers must wait for 15-20 mins sometimes 
  • Sometimes, we found that fetch took too long to process as well as reimburse insurance claims and 

We found that a large majority of customers were happy with the overall services provided by Fetch Pet Insurance. Barring a few select cases, we found customers enjoy their time with Fetch. 

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