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Why Do You Need American Express Green Card?


Get more out of your next adventure with your American Express green card. Read this blog to find out more.

American Express Green Card

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The American Express green card is the most convenient way to cover your traveling and accommodation with 5X membership rewards that will bring extra value to your trip. Great offers make the American Express green card rewarding for first times and frequent travelers.  

The Amex green cardholders are eligible to earn flexible and rich travel rewards and staycation at a lower cost than other American Express cards. The annual fee of an American Express green card is around $150.  

This card offers travel credits, protection, and side rewards for cardholders and those who are always on the go.  

On the fence, you should apply for the American Express green card. Here is what you can get from the American Express Green Card  

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Points- Spending rewards   

1. A superb welcome offer   

A newcomer with American Express Green Card is in for a welcome bonus: “You can earn 45,000 membership rewards when you spend around $2000 on your new American Express green card within six months. Terms Apply.”   

2. Ongoing rewards   

Amex’s reward-sharing program is one of the best credit card programs. Amex green cardholders will typically get three membership reward points per $1 spent on travel expenses that include- hotels, airfare, car rentals, taxis, ferries, parking, buses, and campgrounds.  

You can also use your rewards and points in American Express hotel and airline partners. You can shop by redeeming reward points on selected merchants like PayPal and Amazon.  

Wish granter for the frequent traveler  

1. Get a $100 lounge Buddy statement credit.  

Who said waiting at the airport is boring? Get to the airport early and relax in your spare time with cocktails before departure. Be it if you are traveling for business or leisure, with Amex’s lounge Buddy feature, you can avail yourself of the passes of an airport lounge at hundreds of airports.  

2. Clear statement credit of $100   

The American Express green card holder will get up to $100 in clear statement credit. CLEAR uses your biometrics information and allows you to move faster through security at stadiums and airports across the US.  

American Express Green Card: Travel

Travel coverage   

1. Trip delay coverage   

You can receive up to $300 per trip to meet unwanted expenses against your trip delay for over 12 hours due to stolen passport or weather delays. Terms apply   

2. Baggage coverage   

You can receive up to $1,250 if your baggage is lost or gets damaged in the event. Terms apply.  

3. Rental car coverage  

It can protect you if your car gets damaged. But again, there are terms and restrictions you need to take care of as not all types or countries of rental cars are covered. 

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