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Top 5 Best Money-Saving Applications For Canadians


Budgeting, tracking spending, and defining savings goals; all made easier with these amazing money apps. keep digging to find out more.

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Do you have a penchant for saving money the Canadian way? Then here are some great options for you!

Saving money is a habit that you need to develop. But with modern mobile money-saving applications, this is much easier for you.

You can find any such money-saving applications on both IOS and Android platforms.

If you are a Canadian looking to save some money on each transaction, this article will make it possible.

We have listed the top five best money-saving applications you should know!

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1. The Caddle Application

The Caddle is a grocery application offering cashback. Users even get paid for filling our survey forms or watching advertisements. It is a free-for-all application.

It has many cashback offers and discounts, provides a joining bonus to its first-time users!

It is an excellent application for people looking to save money on groceries. Also, it will keep giving you surprising offers as well!

2. The Drop Application  

Next on our list is the Drop application. Drop is an easy-to-use free application. It offers gift cards and redeemable points with each purchase.

The app makes it simple to earn rewards on your money spending. So, a user can spend money and gain money from it too!

Users can redeem offers once they reach the $5 mark. It does not include any coupon system. The customers can earn and spend money anywhere! Next time you go out shopping, make sure you have the Drop application loaded on your mobile!

Money saving mobile apps
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3. Checkout 51 Application

The Checkout 51 application is a superb choice for all grocery shoppers in Canada. The application provides new offers each Thursday to its users.

You can pick the offer that attracts you. All you need to do is take a snap of the receipt and upload it on the application. That’s it, and you are ready to get discounts every time you shop!

4. Wealthsimple Application

The Wealthsimple is a Robo-based investment application available in Toronto and the UK. Wealthsimple was launched at the beginning of 2017. It prides itself on having over 1.5 million investors.

It is one of the highest-rated applications in the play store. It helps you in your investment processes with returns and high-interest rate plans.

5. Koho Application

The Koho is a cashback application that offers premium subscriptions for its users. You will get promo codes that give you a maximum of $20 cashback.

It allows a free pre-paid card which you can use for saving money.

It always offers a specific cashback rate with every purchase so that you can earn and spend together!

To sum up, saving money involves many tips and tricks. If you are living in Canada, the above applications can help save you some quick cash. Also, it can make you avail new offers and deals as well!

Happy money-saving!

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