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Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Car Insurance Agent In Canada

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Buying new car is a major feat, but you must get the insurance for your vehicle with the help and support of your insurance agent. Here are some questions you should ask your insurance agent about your car insurance.

Questions to ask your car insurance agent

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It thrilled Benjamin to ride his sweet new car he just brought after saving for it for a long time. With his new car parked right outside his house, things seemed to go great until a rainstorm broke his garage and made it all the way to damage his car, too.

Benjamin got the shock of his life to see his car in such a mess. What made things worse was the car insurance he had been paying for a while, and they did not agree to help him out!

What mistakes do you think Benjamin made while taking up his car insurance policy?

Yes, he did not enquire about some crucial information with a car insurance agent!

For you not to repeat Benjamin’s mistake, we are listing the top three questions you should ask your car insurance agent in Canada.

1. What Type of Car Insurance Coverage would be the best for me?

First, you need to be clear on what type of car insurance coverage will be the best for you.

Often, your car may have different requirements. Your car insurance coverage might cover other unnecessary details. For example, you may live in an area not prone to any natural storm, but you are unnecessarily paying for its coverage in your plan!

3 questiosn to ask your insurance agent
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Examine your policy.

2. Can my surrounding areas affect my Car Insurance Coverage?

Next, it may surprise you that your neighborhood and surrounding areas impact your car insurance coverage.

For example, if you live in the GTA area, the cost of living is higher than others. Naturally, your car coverage costs can cost you higher too.

Also, if the theft or crime rate is more where you live, if cars are stolen or damaged more in your surrounding areas, you can expect your car insurance coverage rates to rise too. If you want to reduce your rates, you can consider investing in any anti-theft software in your car!

3. What can be my Risk Assessment for my car?

Next, an insurance rate depends on many factors before the insurer drafted it for you. These factors, when clubbed together, bring about the risk assessment for your car. Many factors, such as your age, location, history of driving, criminal records, determine your risk assessment.

So, you can guess right if your factors are negative, your risks will increase. Now, if risks increase, so is your car insurance premium.

Benjamin did not ask some pertinent questions to his car insurance agent.

Ensure you ask your car insurance agent these questions and be well updated with your policy!

Comment on your experience with your car insurance agent in Canada for us to know too!

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