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What is Super Visa Insurance in Canada? Everything Covered

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 A super visa is a unique visitor visa available for direct relatives of Canadian citizens and endless residents of Canada. A visitor visa in Canada allows someone to visit the country for half a year.

It allows a stay for a longer duration with the possibility to apply for an extension twice. A successful super visa is creditable up to 10 times.  

There are many criteria for super visa qualification in Canada. These are: 

  • Be the legal guardian(parent/grandparents) of a Canadian citizen. 
  • Have proof from the Canadian citizen ensuring they will provide financial support for the super visa-holder while in Canada. 
  • Present a copy of their relative’s Canadian passport or Permanent Resident Card (PR Card). 
  • Prove through recent medical records they are medically fit as per Canadian guidelines.  
  • Proof of having super visa insurance. 

We get a lot of queries regarding super visa insurance. Have a look at the top queries and answers:

Super Visa Insurance in Canada
Top Super Visa Queries

What is Super Visa Insurance? 

The super visa is to be covered by insurance from a company in Canada. This ensures that the applicant can provide for their medical needs while staying in Canada.  

What is the Minimum Amount Required for Super Visa Insurance?

Super visa insurance covers the medical needs of applicants inside Canada and also if they need to be escorted back to their country while still in medical care. The minimal amount of insurance is 100,000 CAD and should be applicable at every entry to the country.   

What are the Requirements for a Super Visa Insurance Policy?

  • When the applicant arrives in Canada, the super visa should be valid for at least 12 months. 
  • The minimum amount is $ 100,000, CAD. 
  • It needs to cover medical needs and emergency return to one’s country due to medical reasons of the applicant while in Canada. 
  • It must be for every visit to Canada under the same super visa.  

What Are the Acceptance Rules of Super Visa Insurance? 

Super Visa Insurance in Canada
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Yes, proof of super visa insurance is the main precondition to influence the acceptance of one’s Super visa application. 

The factors which affect super visa insurance rates and conditions are: 

  • The applicant’s age 
  • The super visa type 
  • An applicant’s medical background 
  • super visa insurance quote  
  • Write-off amount from super visa insurance.  

What is the Coverage Range of Super Visa Insurance?

There are different super visa insurances depending on the several needs of the Super visa applicant.  

The insurance takes care of: 

  • Urgent situation medical assistance  
  • Already prescribed medical drugs.  
  • Urgent situation oral/dental assistance 
  • Obligatory medical articles (like braces, and hand support) 
  • Laboratory practices (blood samples and testing, MRI, etc) 
  • Mandatory all-means ambulance services 
  • Next appointments after a diagnosed medical situation,  
  • Ambulance when needed 

How Long Does Super Visa Insurance Coverage Last? 

A minimum year of coverage is expected from one super visa insurance. For an applicant to return with the same super visa, they must purchase new coverage.  

Can One Cancel the Super Visa Insurance? 

Yes, one can always cancel their super visa. If they are staying for a shorter time than in insurance you can cancel the remaining time and get a refund. 

If the super visa was not granted, then you can get the full insurance amount back, and the bit will be accustomed to the fees applicable, by the insurance companies.  

Top providers or insurers:

1. Allianz Global SuperVisa Insurance  

2. Manulife Super Visa Insurance 

3. TuGo Super Visa Insurance 

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