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What is Collision Insurance in Ontario? Meaning, Coverage, Need and Much More


Accidents are commonplace on roads, and you can’t escape them. Road traffic has become a rising concern for the Canadian government. Unprecedented growth in automobile production and sale has severely congested the roads. This makes you vulnerable to getting into a road crash anytime.

Other primary drivers which promote road accidents and unsafe road environments are- visibility impairment by darkness while driving, slippery surfaces, drinking and driving, overspeeding, potholes, and daydreaming pedestrians that suddenly teleported in your way. 

Hence, it’s important to cover your back against your car’s accidental collisions with another vehicle and fixed structures. Getting yourself backed from collision insurance is a convenient way to cover the repair or replacement expenses you might have to pay when your car gets damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object.

What is collision insurance? 

Collision insurance is an optional auto coverage that reimburses all the pay or replaces expenses of your car if it gets damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object, such as a lamppost, tree, parked cars, or fences. It even gives accidental coverage if another car rams into your parked car. Without it, you’ll have to manage all the repairing expenses, even if the accident is someone else’s mistake.

What does collision insurance cover? 

Collision insurance is optional auto insurance that helps you cover damages. Collision insurance covers accidents that involve:

  1. Some other vehicle into your parked car accidentally
  2. When you crashed a car you’ve rented
  3. Only your car, like a rollover accident 
  4. A collision with another object ( fence or tree) or vehicle

What a collision insurance will not cover?

  1. Accidents with animals 
  2. Damage caused to pedestrians, such as medical bills 
  3. Expenses of physical injuries that can occur during an accident

Why you need a collision insurance? 

Accidents are unpredictable, and there are several reasons you might need yourself covered with collision insurance. For example- 

  1. You brake quickly when something suddenly comes in your way and hit a telephone pole.
  2. You parked and another vehicle rammed into your car,
  3. You just got into a pothole in speed and got your car damaged

What is the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage? 

In collision insurance, the costs of damage that occur in your car get covered in an accident which happened with another vehicle or an object, such as a tree or a fence. Comprehensive insurance covers other things than just paying for the repair or replacement expenses. Comprehensive insurance also covers things like:

  1. A tree falls on your car during a storm 
  2. Theft of your car or its parts 
  3. A broken windshield 
  4. Accident with an animal 
  5. Fire, earthquake, or any other natural calamity

How much does collision insurance cost? 

The cost of your accidental damage can vary depending on your: 

  1. Vehicle’s value 
  2. Deductible amount 
  3. Car’s make, model, and year

In collision insurance, the lower is your deductible amount, the heavier your premium will be. So, if you’re searching to buy auto collision coverage, always look for a higher deductible to help lower the cost of your car insurance.

Closing thoughts 

Covering yourself with collision insurance gives you peace of mind. It can save you from the high expenses of damage to your car if it gets involved in an accident. You don’t have to pay out of your pockets if anything bad happened to your car, such as a fire breaking out, a hurricane, or any damage occuring due to other natural calamities.

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