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Are you Planning to Move to Etobicoke Toronto? 5 Crazy Things You Can’t Miss

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Do you want to move to a place that is affordable as well as close to Toronto? Well then, Etobicoke is the right place for you. It has a population of more than 360,000 people, making it a place full of diversified communities.

This place is perfect for many families. It is full of lovely parks and has a welcoming neighborhood. For your help, we have listed a few things you need to know before you move to Etobicoke, Toronto. Keep reading to find out more.

 Etobicoke Toronto

1. Close to Downtown

  • South Etobicoke is well within Toronto city limits.
  • Located around 14 km away from downtown and accessible without a hitch.
  • The location is on Toronto’s west side.
  • You will come across a variety of resorts, picnic locations, and other religious sites while traveling.
  • There are wide highways, streets, and separate residential, industrial, and commercial zones, making them the most notable features.

2. Constant Development

  • Etobicoke is full of lush landscapes and a great many scenic locations to view as well.
  • It’s a modern, post-war suburb that’s grown.
  • In the area, there are many commercial and recreational structures.
  • This makes it one of Toronto’s most delightful locations to live.

3. Great Schools

  • There are many high-quality elementary schools to choose from in Etobicoke.
  • Spectacular academic programs, several extra-curricular activities, and a range of amenities.
  • These are the most significant factors of schools in Etobicoke.
  • With plenty of great schools present across, it is one of the best places to settle down with your family.

4. Shopping and Dining Options

  • There are many parks and shopping centers in the area – Humber Bay Parks, Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Centennial Park, and Tom’s Dairy Freeze.
  • These are some of the fantastic weekend vacation options – Neilson Park Creative Centre, Sherway Gardens, and Fairview Mall.
  • These are also some of the famous places to visit.
  • Etobicoke is full of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

5. Affordable Real Estate Properties

  • The homes in Etobicoke include detached or semi-detached houses on spacious streets.
  • Investing in the Etobicoke real estate market is a great option.
  • It is one of the best places to settle down with your family because of the region’s many advantages.
  • The real estate market in Etobicoke is booming.
  • With so many new developments across the region, more and more people are thinking of moving here.
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