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3 Reasons To Live In The Annex Area, Downtown Toronto

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Thinking of moving to a new place? The Annex Area, Downtown Toronto might be a great place for you to settle down. Read this blog to know more.

The Annex, Toronto

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The Annex is one of Toronto’s oldest suburbs, in the city’s downtown. The Annex, which surrounds the University of Toronto, is humming with an eclectic atmosphere. This neighborhood is home to people from different professional backgrounds. The houses here are a mix of breathtaking historical elegance and modernized enhancements. Most of the homes are Victorian and Roman architecture.

Are you considering moving to The Annex in Downtown Toronto? Keep reading to find more on this.

1. Places to visit

A few visitor attractions include Jean Sibelius Square and UofT’s Philosopher’s Walk. A few other locations worth the visit include Lee’s Palace, BMV Books, and Madison Avenue Pub.

Cuisine options are up for grab to explore in the Annex. There is a range of scrumptious gourmet options available in the local eateries and cafes. Backyard Smokehouse, Jjin Toast, and Annex Food Hall are a few of the renowned restaurants.

2. Art, music, or history enthusiasts

If you enjoy art, music, or history, places to explore here. Some places to visit are the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, and the Royal Conservatory of Music. The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art has a unique collection of ancient antiquities and delicate artwork. The Royal Conservatory of Music is a go-to place if you want to listen to world-class artists perform great symphonic compositions. And the Royal Ontario Museum has a display of internationally renowned artworks worth exploring.

Reasons to live in the Annex, Toronto
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3. Real estate

The houses here are Romanesque, Victorian, and Edwardian architecture. Annex is one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Downtown Toronto. And homes here have some of the oldest architectural designs. Condominium loft renovations and modern loft are some newly built constructions here.

Do you love pitched roofs, carved wood paneling, and stained-glass windows? You will enjoy living here. The houses here also have items like intricate wooden trim, giant staircases, and wooden spindled porches. If you want to live in a house with historical significance and a tinge of modernized architecture, you might have many options in the Annex.

Do you want to live in a neighborhood with both conveniences and the grace of a beautiful town? Then Annex is precisely the place you must head.

When moving, you need to keep a few things in mind. Do you have moving insurance to protect your valuables from damage during relocation? Read ‘What is Moving Insurance in Canada?’ to know more.

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