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What Is The Difference Between Home Appraisal And Inspection?


Home inspection, appraisal, valuation- don’t let these real estate terminologies confuse you. We have explained them from scratch in this article.

Appraisal and inspection of a home are critical components of real estate transactions. All of them produce reports that both the buyer and the seller will use to determine the value of the property and set the price.   

A home appraisal is a technique to gauge the actual worth of your house. Lenders will not approve loans for amounts higher than the property’s worth.   

Buyers need a home inspection to ensure that the house they are purchasing is structurally sound. Realtors, sellers, and buyers need market reviews to determine the market price of a home. For home appraisals, inspections, and assessments, you will get written reports too. 

What is Home Appraisal? 

A real estate appraisal is an overall assessment of the worth of a home that a buyer would undertake. It is a crucial part of the mortgage lending process and is a condition for approval of the loan. You can even do it digitally, or an expert can physically come to your home to execute the process. 

What Are The Components Of Home Appraisal?  

  • Age and the height of the house 
  • Material used for construction 
  • The state of the roof and the exterior of the house 
  • Appliances and plumbing 
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets  
  • The type of energy deployed to heat and temper the building 
  • Solar Panels and other energy-saving features  
  • The condition of the fences and decks 
  • Compliance with building codes 
  • The possibility of increasing the size of the house  

Appraisers examine a home in the same way as a buyer does, considering any visual defects that could deter a sale. The appraiser’s primary goal is to determine the property’s worth. An essential part of the appraisal is to compare the seller’s asking price to the prices of comparable homes in the same locality. 

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What Is Home Inspection?  

A home inspection is a professional assessment of the property’s condition, usually done by the buyer or a home inspector appointed by the buyer. It is an impartial, independent visual inspection. It reports on the structures, materials, and conditions of the home.  

The buyer can request the inspection at his expense. Although it depends upon many factors, 3 hours would be enough to complete the analysis. Attendees include the home inspector, the sellers, and the buyer’s agent. 
While a home appraiser examines the home’s physical condition, an inspector goes a step further, peering behind the walls and into the crawl space and attic.

Similarities Between Home Appraisals And Home Inspections  

  • They are both done by a reputable, non-biased third-party firm.  
  • They both involve a specialist inspecting and assessing the property’s condition.  
  • They both occur before the selling of a home and are contract subjects.  
  • Both produce comprehensive reports that show the condition, functionality, and integrity of the property.  
  • They both favor the buyer during the closing of the property they want.  
  • Both need the seller’s permission to access the property. 
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What Is The Difference Between A Home Valuation And A Home Inspection? 

Despite many similarities, appraisals and inspections differ.  

  • An appraiser assesses the property, and the prices of other properties in the neighborhood recently sold.  
  • An inspector looks at the property in question.  
  • A buyer may order a home inspection at their leisure, while their lender would always need a home appraisal.  
  • An appraiser decides the property’s worth, while an inspector assesses the overall condition of the property.  
  • An appraiser remains on-site for a shorter period than a home inspector, checking every nook and cranny.  
  • An appraiser conducts a quick walkthrough and combines their observations with knowledge gathered off-site. 

Do I Need To Have Both An Appraisal And A Home Inspection? 

It depends. An inspection of your home can save you money. A home valuation is always necessary if you want to borrow money from a bank or a mortgage lender. 
A property appraisal is for the lender’s peace of mind. It assists you in determining if the property is worth as much as the seller claims. The most recommended course of action is to schedule a home inspection and the valuation that your lending institution might require. The property you are considering could be older, no longer under a developer’s warranty, or is in an unfamiliar neighborhood. 

 Points to remember 

  • A home inspector cannot tell you how much the house is worth. You cannot use a home inspection report to determine the value of a property.  
  • A home appraiser cannot predict how much work the house may need now or in the future. A high property value does not imply that the property is in good condition under the surface. 

If it is your first home, we suggest you get both an inspection and an appraisal done on the property. Once you do, the home appraisal and inspection, the next step is to go for preapproval or a mortgage to get the purchase. Learn more about how to protect yourself from harmful lending in the next article. 

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