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Are You Planning To Move Oshawa? Don’t Miss These 5 Best Neighborhoods


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Canada is home to 10 provinces throughout the country. “Oshawa” lies in the province of Ontario which is home to the Capital of ‘Canada’ Ottawa.  

Oshawa is a city on the Lake Ontario shoreline. Oshawa lies in Southern Ontario and the east side of Downtown Toronto (60 km east). The current Mayor of Oshawa is Dan Carter. While the density of Oshawa is nearly 175,383(2021). Its motto is “Prepare to be amazed”.  

Why choose Oshawa?

a) Business Prospects:-  

Any individual who is looking for a place to invest in Canada has to have an eye out for Oshawa as you can invest in several industries such as:-

  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant and Eat-Outs
  • Opening a Franchise 
  • Travel Agency 

b) Educational Purposes:-  

Oshawa is home to many renowned Universities. Some of them include:-  

  • Trent University Durham 
  • Durham College 
  • Ontario Tech University 

c) Travelling Purposes:-  

Oshawa resides some great places that you can visit on your vacation:- 

  • Break Out Zone (Amusement Centre) 
  • Oshawa Valley (Botanical Gardens) 
  • McLaughlin Bay (Wildlife Reserve) 
  • Canadian Automotive (Museum) 

d) Settlement Purposes:-  

Oshawa is one of the best places to start a family and have a happy life. It is considered one of the safest places and is a family-friendly neighborhood that you can opt for if you decide to settle in Canada. It has some of the best schools and universities for your child’s academic excellence and many business prospects as well.

Five Best Neighborhoods to Look Out for in Oshawa 

Some of the best neighborhoods you can look out for in Oshawa are:- 

Some of the best neighborhoods in Oshawa are:

1. Taunton

Taunton is one of the best places in Oshawa. It is a town in Somerset that lies between the Blackdown, Quantock, and Brendon hills. Taunton abodes some of the most beautiful Georgian homes that are one of the most sought-out abodes. 

It also consists of some of the most beautiful Georgian farmhouses, one of the grandest of the Georgian Delights. The average property price in Taunton is nearly £320,000. The rental of a home lies roughly between £600-£1000 including all, the single bedded, two bedded or a more bedded home.  

All the amenities like eat-outs, cafes, and so on are present if you’re moving into Taunton. It is generally regarded as one of the safe neighborhoods to move in with less crime rate. The nightlife here is also amongst the best as it consists of many famous bars and a couple of nightclubs as well. 

2. Windfields

If you’re considering moving in with or without your family, Windfields is one of the most popular and peaceful neighborhoods to move in. Windfields lie in the northern part of Oshawa

With its picturesque beauty and a peaceful region to reside in it’s one of those towns where you can benefit from the modern amenities such as malls, restaurants, a beautiful walk trail, and even wildlife will be a daily part of your life if, you move in here. 

Windfields is said to have a prestigious history that dates back to the 1930s when it was called Parkwood Stables which was a very successful horse racing farm which was owned by the founder of McLaughlin Motors Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin. He then sold it to an industrialist E.P. Taylor which then came to be known as Windfields Farm.  

A must place to think about if you’re moving to Oshawa. 

3. Kedron

As a part of the northeast region, Kedron is one of the places to see if you’re moving to Oshawa. It’s going through some changes and getting transformed into a suburban area. Kedron provides more affordable rates in Oshawa as compared to the western cities of the Durham Region. It also gives easy access to Toronto. 

The universities closest to Kedron are Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Several parks provide the gift of quiet time for yourself or your family away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

It’s the neighborhood where you can enjoy calmness, peace, and serenity. 

4. Samac

Samac is among those regions where peace, tranquility, and friendliness prevails. It is a treasure trove of outdoor activities where you can register yourself in the Camp Samac activities. Samac is located in the northern part of Oshawa and is named after Camp Samac as it occupies a large amount of land in this area. 

The average rent rate of Samac is generally £1600-£3500. It has a livability score of 92. The crime rate is also lower than 36% as compared to Ontario region. The real estate rate is also lower than 39% of Canada’s national average. It also consists of all the amenities such as eat-outs, malls, and so on. 

5. Vanier

Vanier is one of the hotspots in Oshawa as it is home to the biggest mall in Oshawa that is Oshawa Centre. Right across the street from the mall, you can find many retail and commercial areas which prove to be one of the best places to set up a business investment with a lot of residential sub-divisions as well. 

We get to see a good mix of single detached houses, duplexes, and apartments but the best parts are the bungalows. The average price of buying a home in Vanier is $735,000. The cost of living is 22% lower than that of Ottawa and 11% less than the national average 

The average rent rate also is much lower than its peers ranging from £1400-£3500 which includes 1,2 and 3 storied houses. 


In conclusion, Oshawa, situated in the province of Ontario, Canada, is a vibrant city with numerous attractions and advantages. It offers excellent business opportunities, a rich educational environment, and exciting travel destinations. With a focus on family-friendly living and safety, Oshawa stands out as an ideal location for settling in Canada. Additionally, neighborhoods like Taunton, Windfields, Kedron, Samac, and Vanier offer unique advantages and amenities, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Whether for business, education, leisure, or settlement purposes, Oshawa presents itself as a promising and welcoming destination within Canada.

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