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Know More About Bicycle Protection Tips And Insurance In Canada

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Do you a bicycle? You must make certain that you are covered by insurance. Here are some of the most helpful bicycle safety tips. For more information, check out this blog.

Bicycle insurance

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Luis, a student, worked at a local restaurant. He used his bicycle to commute to work. It helped him to save money while paying the student loans.

One day, as he was in a hurry, he forgot to put on a lock on his bike and proceeded to work. After some time, he realized something was wrong. He hurriedly went out to check his bike. The bike was gone. He desperately looked around all over the place and even checked with the local people. He could not trace the bicycle and thought it had been stolen. He remembered that he had bicycle insurance to safeguard his only mode of transportation.

He did not have to use insurance because, with some help, he was able to retrieve his bike quite quickly and in excellent condition.

Bike theft has risen in the past few years in Canada. But you can cover your loss with the help of bicycle insurance. Here we have listed a few of the bicycle protection tips. Find out why you need to get bicycle insurance today! But first, how to protect your bicycle.

Tips to prevent bike theft

1. Use good locks

A good lock is the first thing you can use to keep your bike from being stolen. Buy superior quality locks even if they are a little costlier. It is always better to invest a little more for the safety of your bicycle.

2. Customize your bike

Make your bike easily identifiable. You can add a few upgrades to your bike. Use the color advantage or add some logo or even scratches that might help your bike be distinct. It will help in describing the bicycle, in case it gets stolen. Because the bike has scratches or distinguishable marks, it might become harder to sell.

Bicycle protection tips
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3. Remove accessories

If you have parked your bike outside, the risk of it getting stolen rises high.

If you have any costly accessories on your bike, you should remove them and take them inside the home with you.

4. Install GPS bicycle tracker

Invest in a decent quality GPS bicycle tracker and safeguard your bike from theft. This way, if your bike gets stolen, this tracker will help you track its location.

How can bicycle insurance help?

  • It offers you safety against theft.
  • It covers your bike while travelling.
  • Ensures your coverage if you suffer from any accident.
  • It will provide you with accidental damage coverage.

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