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Top 5 Things You Can Do When Your Tenant Trashes Your Property

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You have a tenant who has trashed your property and you have no idea what to do. We have a list of the top 5 things you can do in this situation.

Things to do when tenant trashes property

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Giving up your house on rent can be a significant source of income. However, a property owner can have bitter experiences when renting their apartments.

Tenants can dispute or even be destructive. No property owner wishes to have any such tenant who causes any damage to them or their property.

If you are someone looking for things you can do if your tenant misbehaves or damages your property, here is what we recommend.

Things to do when the tenant damages your property

1. Gathering important proofs

The first step whenever your tenant damages or threatens to damage your property is to gather evidence of it.

If a tenant is threatening you to damage your property, you can even record his threats on your mobile or by other means to produce later for evidence.

Also, if the tenant gives you warnings, you can even set up a CCTV camera to record his actions.

All these things can help gather proof that can help you get justice and claim your damages.

2. Minimizing all the losses

Next, after gathering some solid proof, you can track your losses. The damage may be small or big. Noting down your losses, making amends, and minimizing losses further is what every property owner should practice.

The longer you let any damage stay or do not repair, it may be expensive later.

3. Keep a good relation

Often, tenant-caused damages can take place because of a poor relationship between owner and tenant. Many times, a tenant may seek revenge for any past event by damaging the landlord’s property.

You should maintain good relations with your tenant always. It ensures that poor relations might not be the reason a tenant damages your property.

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4. File a complaint

Next, if the threatening of a tenant goes on, you should not wait any longer. You can take immediate action by filing a complaint at the nearest police station.  

Also, if any tenant has already damaged your property, you should not wait for the second damage. One must immediately report to their nearest police station and file a case against the tenant. This step helps a property owner not to face any more losses overall.

5. Consider eviction

If none of the steps prevents a tenant from damaging your property, the last step is eviction. You must be careful about the tenant who keeps on threatening or has already damaged your property. 

If things go out of hand, you must always choose the road of eviction. Rather than facing threats, you should always get rid of them for your peace.

To sum up, not all tenants cause any damage. However, if any of such situations take place, you may consider these points listed above.

The above tips can help any property owner handle any such disturbing situation.

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