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7 Ways To Get A Better Mortgage Renewal Deal


Mortgage renewal is a great chance to lock in a reduced interest rate and save money. Read this blog to know the top 7 ways to a better mortgage renewal deal.

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If you are getting a mortgage renewal soon, it is time to refresh your memory if you want to know more about your mortgage contract this time around. It will help you prepare for the impending mortgage renewal process to negotiate the prevailing rates to benefit from the market changes.

Here is how you should approach your mortgage renewal to make the most out of it.

Steps to Mortgage Renewal Process

There are seven options you can explore to get the best deal on your new mortgage or renewal.

1. Plan 4 months before the Mortgage Renewal

Even if some lenders do not allow you to renew your mortgage four months before the term ends, you can still use these months to make judgments about your goals, interest rates, and your approach. It will position you well to negotiate with the lender when the time comes.

2. Consider your current finances

A long time has passed since the mortgage contract date. You must know how the mortgage market and rates have changed, so has your financial situation. Your mortgage requirements need to be adjusted accordingly. Ensure you consider all of that before signing your next contract.

3. Start looking for bargains

Start exploring your options now, as you have surveyed your existing circumstances. Always start with your present lender, then move on to other lenders in the market. Approach mortgage brokers and credit unions until you find the one with the best conditions for you.

4. Keep an eye out for your renewal notification

Watch out for your note of mortgage renewal, and don’t waste a minute approaching your lender. Ideally, it should arrive a month before your mortgage maturity date.

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5. Keep options open to switch to a new lender

If the terms offered by your present lender are far from your needs, start aggressive negotiation. We must complete your renewal before the maturity date. Start the negotiation early. You have time to apply with another lender if the need arises.

6. New lenders Ask for a Mortgage Stress Test

Since 2018, everyone has been switching mortgage providers. Lenders mandatorily do a mortgage stress test.

7. Sign the paperwork or pay the fees to switch

The last step is to sign the new mortgage contract with no additional fees with the existing lender, unlike when you shift your mortgage lender.

In that case, expenses will add as fees you might have to pay:

  • New interest rate
  • Term
  • Payment frequency
  • Principal of the original mortgage at maturity

The procedure of renewing a mortgage is simple, and your current lender will provide you with all the documentation and assist you through the various steps.

The essential part is to be vigilant about your renewal date, a great time to negotiate a cheaper interest rate, get the term you want, and discover a mortgage alternative that fits your budget and goals.

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