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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ask the Expert?

It’s a feature that allows you to ask financial questions. All your queries are resolved by accredited domain experts without any charge or fee.

How to Submit a Query through Ask the Expert?

Go to “Ask the Expert” => Select the “Main Category” for your query => Select the “Subcategory” of your query => Choose whether you want to ask a “specific prewritten query” or a “free-form query”. The latter allows you to ask a “customized query” in your own words => Click on Submit.

What is the difference between a “Free form” query and a “Specific” query?

Free Form Query Specific Query 
Allows you to ask customers queries/ financial questions in your own words You can select a related query from the pre-defined set of financial questions 

Can we choose our preferred experts to get answers?

This option is not available in “Ask the Expert”

However, you can search for your preferred experts using “Search the Expert”. All you have to do is enter your postal code. Post this, you will get a complete list of experts located near you.

What information do I need to provide to have my question answered?

You are only required to submit:

  • Your Email address and 
  • Postal Code 

How will I know if my query has been submitted?

You will be notified via email that your query has been submitted.

Who are the experts answering our queries?

All your queries are answered by experts, who are certified finance professionals with extensive experience in their fields. They have requisite knowledge, skills and understanding to offer you the best resolutions.

Do we have to pay to have our questions answered?

NO. We do not charge anything from our customers for using “Ask the Expert”. You can seek answers to all your financial queries for free.

Do I have to Log-in for getting answers?

NO. We do not require our customers to Log-in anywhere on our website. To ask questions – You have to only submit your Email address and Postal Code.

What distinguishes “Ask the Expert” from “Search the Expert”?

Ask the Expert Search the Expert 
Allows you to ask: Specific pre-written query or Free-form query Allows you to search for experts registered with us in different domains and ask them questions about finance. 
Whatever query you ask, gets routed to experts within a 50-kilometer radius of your location. All you have to do is enter your postal code and select the experts near you 

Can I submit queries in more than one category?

YES. Our customers can ask multiple queries in different categories. There is no limit on number of query submissions.