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Five Best Reasons to Live in Mississauga 2023


Are you planning to move? Do you want to live somewhere that isn’t too quiet but also doesn’t have much of the city’s hustle and bustle? Then Mississauga is your best option.

Mississauga is one of the best places to live in the province of Ontario. It is Canada’s sixth-largest city, as well as one of the safest. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons for you to live in Mississauga, Ontario.

Why Mississauga? – Top Five Reasons 2023

1. Pleasant weather:

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the weather in Mississauga is moderate. In comparison to other parts of the country, it gets a lot less snow in the winter.

The city has at least six months of snow-free weather. Also, because of the topography – fog is more common along the shoreline.

2. Friendly neighborhood:

There are over 20 distinct neighborhoods in the city. Lakeview, Clarkson, and Streetsville are some of the Mississauga neighborhoods.

The real estate property prices in these areas are moderate to high. Buyers are looking to invest in Lakeview real estate to enjoy future developments.

Clarkson is another town with a plethora of real estate investment opportunities. And Streetsville is ideal for people on a tight budget who want to buy a home. In September 2021, the average price of a home sold was $1,037,972.

3. Diversified culture:

Mississauga has the most diverse population, with people from various ethnic backgrounds. The multicultural city has a population of approximately 721,599 people with about half of the population speaking a language other than English. With many coexisting cultures, Mississauga is one of the best places for you to live.

4. Proximity to Toronto:

The distance between Toronto and Mississauga is around 24 kilometers. Also, you can travel to Downtown Toronto by car, but it is best to avoid the rush hours. Being a Toronto suburb, Mississauga benefits from its proximity to the city.

Additionally, Mississauga is also very close to Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is Canada’s largest and busiest airport. MiWay, Go Transit, and Mississauga’s New Transitway are low-cost public transportation options.

5. Schools:

The Peel District School Board operates 259 schools in the peel region. With a total of 217 elementary and 42 secondary schools – Mississauga is home to 121 public schools. Besides, there is also one of the three campuses of the University of Toronto.

Mississauga is one of the best places for you to settle down with your family. There are distinctive communities, an array of restaurants, and picture-perfect locations to visit. If you want to live in a relaxed environment with an urban comfort, Mississauga is the place to be.

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