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What is the Strategy to Buy a House in GTA’s Rising Market?  

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Buy a House in GTA

Indeed, the Canadian housing market is a hot cake. Even in September 2022–Housing prices continue to skyrocket in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Victoria.  

If you plan to own a house, you will deal with this rising market. Do you know how to respond?

There is an appropriate strategy to deal with it. Let us discuss the best strategy.  

Plan and analyze the Trend Before Buying a House

Nothing rises forever. Do you remember the Great Depression of 1920? Undoubtedly, if the prices are at their peak today, you will certainly see the correction.  

In February 2022, the average housing price was at its highest at $816,720. Fast forward five months later, in July 2022, the average housing price was down by 23% and stood at $628,875.  

Similarly, the Toronto housing market also crashed in July 2022 when the average home prices were $1,074,754 – down 6% monthly.  

Hence, if you plan to own a house, it is always better to study the price trends prevailing in the region you are targeting. 

Time Your Entry into the Market to Buy a House

The general rule–Investments in the real estate market are counter-cyclical. Enter the market when most people are afraid to, during recessions and economic turmoil. This way you will spend much less.  

Follow these steps for an effective market entry:  

  • Prepare A Diary:   
  • Price analysis is critical. Only diligent surveys are not enough.  
  • You must prepare a diary and keep noting the prices.  
  • It will help you identify the lows and highs, post which you can time your entry into the market.  
  • Take the Help of Mortgage Experts:   
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  • They are the best for analyzing pricing trends.  
  • Just post your query. You will get a local certified expert who will guide you about the best time to enter the housing market.  
  • Always avoid entering a market that is at its peak.  
  • Identify the Phase of Low Demand:  
  • Usually, the market forces of demand and supply determine real estate prices. 
  • The higher the demand, the higher would be the housing prices.  
  • Thus, identify those market phases when – Housing transactions are down. 
  • For example, in August 2022, the transactions were down by 48% year-over-year in Toronto’s housing market. 

Focus on Accumulating Funds

Currently, if you live on rent, you are not spending money on – Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance, Monthly Mortgage Payments, Closing Costs, etc.  

Save this money  

Yes, the real estate market swings wildly, and you never know when the market will crash next. Thus, prepare yourself for the down payment and accumulate funds. You can always invest in a balanced portfolio for better returns.  

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Time at the market. Boost your savings by creating the best portfolios. – This is how you can own your dream house at the least cost.  

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