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How Is Living In Bloor West Village, Toronto?


Bloor West Village is one of Toronto’s most popular neighborhoods. Are you looking for reasons to relocate here? Keep reading to know more.

Living in Bloor West Village

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Bloor West Village is a fantastic place to live and one of Toronto’s most sought-after areas. Many urban families prefer to live here because of the historic residences, top-notch schools, retail opportunities, and recreational amenities. This location is ideal for those looking to buy a house because of the services and local facilities.

Are you looking for reasons to move to this location? Read on to know.

1. Family-friendly vibe:

If you walk around the area, you will notice that it has a welcoming atmosphere. Many families live in Bloor West Village. Thanks to the Bloor subway line, the neighborhood has many well-regarded public schools and is easily reachable, which makes traveling into the city from Jane and Runnymede stations a snap. It is ideal for people looking to settle down and start a family.

2. Recreation

There is a plethora of activities for you to enjoy with your loved ones. June Sidewalk Sale, July Festival, Ukrainian Festival, and Santa in the Village are all held here. You might also want to pay a visit to High Park. Gardens, paddocks, restaurants—the location has it all, and you can have a wonderful day here. The Annette Recreation Centre is also one of the places where people of all ages can enjoy the indoor swimming pool, gym, and baseball field.

3. Best Restaurants

Local people can get their shopping needs fulfilled right in their neighborhood. The place is full of well-renowned restaurants offering a range of exquisite cuisines. Queens Pasta, Gin Mill, Awai, Shakey’s, A Dark Horse are some of the great local food joints to checkout.

Shopping options
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4. Shopping options

Bloor Street is the heart of Bloor West Village, with a plethora of shopping and recreational options. Stock Yards Village and Sherway Gardens are the shopping centers near to the heart of the village.

5. Real estate

Bloor West Village gives a fantastic first impression. The residences are two-story structures. Since many homes have an antique look, many residents are interested in upgrading to maintain the aesthetic. Houses here have hardwood flooring, stained glass windows, leaded glass windows, and huge front porches. Outside the residences are solid brick facades with mature trees and gardens. It is an excellent location for anyone looking to buy a home and raise a family.

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