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Buy A Home In Whitby, Greater Toronto Area 


Thinking of moving to a new place? Don’t forget to add Whitby to your list. Want to know why? Read on to find out.

Buy a house in Whitby

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Are you thinking of moving to Whitby? If you are looking for a new house in Whitby and do not know what to look out for, you have come to the right place. Let us find some practical pointers on buying your dream home in Whitby, GTA.

Whitby is in the Durham Region of Ontario and is one of the emerging suburbs in the Greater Toronto Area. It is on its way to becoming a major urban and economic center. Because of its proximity to Toronto, it has become one of the most popular areas to live. We have prepared a list of reasons for you to buy a home in Whitby.

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One of Canada’s best places to live 

Whitby is the 10th best medium-sized city to live in Canada. It is one of the best spots in the country to raise a family and establish a business. The overall atmosphere is pleasant. It has a concoction of a small town and urban settings. An array of small shops, restaurant chains, coffee shops, and many shopping centers makes this city mixture of different locales.


Whitby’s location is a significant commuter suburb outside the Greater Toronto Area. So, the real estate near highways is always in great demand. With Toronto at 55.6 km, the town of Whitby offers a diverse range of rental accommodation options. You can apply through private property owners or community or affordable housing.

Affordable housing is the option available in the town and surrounding areas. There are several housing options for you to apply for, suitable per your requirements.

Quality of houses: 

The average price for a property in Whitby is around $600,000. Although the prices appear to be high, the quality of the homes in the region makes the investment worthwhile.

The homes may prove to be an even better deal if Whitby’s development and economic growth trend continue, as we expect it to.

Reasons to live in Whitby
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Great Location for Commuting to Work 

Being so close to Toronto, commuting to work is easy if your office is in Toronto. Highways 401, 407, and 412 all run through the city. A big city like Toronto is also a fantastic area to hunt for a work opportunity to pay you what you deserve.

Things to do in Whitby

You may feel like there is not much to do here, but this city has a lot more than it seems. Whitby has a high density of arts and culture, sports, and recreation centers. The Waterfront, Station Gallery, Camp X, and the Lynde House Museum are well worth visiting.

Whitby is a suburban town that has recently transformed into a city. If you seek reasons to move to this city, the varied reasons above should be enough.

Toronto is a vast and expensive city, and there are some factors to keep in mind before purchasing a home. Read ’Guide to buy the best home in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)’ to know more.

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