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Top 3 Life Insurance Companies In Canada


Getting a life insurance is a must in today’s world. We have listed the top 3 life insurance companies in Canada for you. read on to find out more.

Life insurance companies in Canada

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Talk about life insurance companies, and you get a plethora of options in the Canadian life insurance market.

Companies offer various life insurance policies, but which is the best fit for you and your family?

If one life policy seems perfect, you might just come across another better!

To unclutter, we have listed the top life insurance companies in Canada.

1. The Sun Life Financial Company

First on our list is the Toronto-based life insurance company Sun Life Financial. It has been in the life insurance market for quite some time since 1865.

Apart from catering to the Canadian market, Sun Life Financial has a substantial market share in the United Kingdom, Asia, and North America.

They even offer health insurance policies, travel-related insurance policies, mortgage policies, savings, and income plans.

You can opt for various insurance management services of the company and the mutual fund programs.

2. The Manulife Financial Company

Next on our list is the Manulife Financial Corp of Canada. If you consider the biggest insurance companies in Canada, the Manulife Financial company tops the list!

You can find its headquarters in Toronto, and the year 2019 marked about $61 billion through premiums and investments.

They spread across Asia, the United States, and Europe!

They have family life and term insurance policies, medical coverage policies, business insurance policies, to name a few. They offer dependable options for a good life insurance policy in Canada.

Top 3life insurance companies in Canada
Source: Pexels

3. The Great-West Life Company

Last on our list is the Great-West Life Insurance company in Canada. The Great-West Life insurance company operates in Canada, Asia, Europe, and parts of North America.

They offer life insurance, health care insurance, disability insurance, and travel insurance policies.

This company has served over30 million customers from around the world.

Its revenue comes from insurance premiums, deposits, and incomes from the dividend.

One of the three life insurance companies could be your best pick for life insurance in Canada.

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