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4 Reasons To Live In Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto


Ae you searching for a neighborhood that is a perfect place for you to settle down with your family? Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto is the place you are looking for. Read this blog to find more about this amazing place.

Reasons to live in Yonge & Eglinton

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Gary and Eric are moving to Yonge and Eglinton because Eric accepted a job there. They wanted to settle in the vicinity, so their child could attend the best school in town. As they learned more about the suburb, they discovered it is one of the best places for them to pack up and move. And it did.

Yonge and Eglinton proved to be the best place to move in, with remarkable employment opportunities, better schools, and explorable touristic attractions.

Yonge and Eglinton are at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue. The impressive high rises, culturally diverse neighborhoods, and easy access to public transportation are just a few of the reasons to settle here. If you want to learn more about this fascinating neighborhood, keep reading.

1. Real estate market investment

Two-story houses, detached, semi-detached houses, and condominiums are the most common residences found in this area. In the last year, the average price of a home in Yonge and Eglinton has been over $1,000,000. The number of residents with children wishing to settle down has risen dramatically in the neighborhood, too.

You can lease off your real estate property if you are looking to invest your money in it. More than half of the condominiums and high-rise flats in this region are on lease.

2. Great for shopping buffs

Who does not enjoy going shopping? Whether it is a quick walk to get some groceries or a weekend of shopping trips, you will find oodles of options here. There are several of the best malls in the neighborhood, offering a variety of national and international retail brands. Some malls in this locality include Leaside Village, Bayview Village Shopping Centre, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and CF Fairview Mall.

Canopy blue is the place to go if you want to see the current fashion trends in women’s designer apparel. Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle store that sells in-vogue attire, cosmetics, and eccentric home accessories. If you are a health-conscious individual who loves working out at the gym, Lululemon Athletica offers a plethora of workout garments and other accessories to explore.

Restaurants and cafes in the region
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3. Food paradise for gastronomes

In this region, restaurants serve delectable authentic cuisine from diverse areas. Five Doors North is the place to go if you are looking for authentic Italian food. We know Sorn Thai Restaurant serves the best Thai cuisine in the whole town. Echo Sushi has the best sushi rolls and fresh sushi if you are in the mood to go for Japanese food. Mariachi’s Restaurant is the place to go if you are looking for a plethora of Mexican food and beverages.

There are also a lot of local breweries and wineries in this area. Beer bistro, Bar Volo, Wvrst, and the Craft beer market are some places to go if you want to spend some quality time with friends. Wine rack, LCBO – Eglinton, and Avenue are three well-known wineries in the vicinity.

There are several cafes to visit if you are looking for freshly brewed coffee. Some of the finest coffee shops in town include Hot Black Coffee on Yonge, The Social Blend, Istanbul café, and Crosstown Coffee Bar.

4. Parks and outdoor places

After a super long week, who would not want to relax and unwind? Sherwood Park, Eglinton Park, Moore Park Ravine, and Blythewood Ravine Park are just a few of the parklands in Yonge and Eglinton. Visit the Vaughan mills mall, Toronto Eaton Centre, Canada’s Wonderland if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There is a lot to see and do in this neighborhood.

Purchasing a home is a significant investment, and with so many factors to consider, ensure that you have covered all bases. While deciding whether to buy an old house or a newly built one is a prime consideration.

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