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Should You Get Pet Insurance In Canada?

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Our pets purr away our sorrows and wag their tails when they see us happy because they are our best buddies. We can’t predict what will happen in the future, but we can certainly cover our pets’ vet bills. Here are some significant reasons to buy pet insurance in Canada. Read on to find out more.

Pet insurance in Canada

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Emily, a recent graduate, adopted a Siberian husky puppy, ‘Pillow.’ Pillow got vaccinated and fed the best healthy diet a dog can get. We all know how fine escape artists these huskies are. One fine morning Pillow sneaked out of the fence. Unfortunately, a car hit him, fracturing both his hind legs. Emergency surgery cost ran over $5000. She did not have a pet insurance policy, paid the surgery cost out of pocket.

Emily was lucky her father chipped in and helped her cover the cost of Pillow’s treatment. But what if the treatment would cost more?

Is raising funds the only option left to cover your pet’s emergency medical bills?

First things first, if you have a pet or are planning to have one, get pet insurance. It safeguards you from unexpected medical expenditures.

Should you get pet insurance in Canada?
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Is it worth getting pet insurance?

It is a decision only a pet owner can make. It is not always this simple. A lot of factors come into play while making such a decision. Experts say that although getting pet insurance helps treat your pet when they have an expensive illness, it still does not cover vaccines and regular checkups, which are also very expensive.

If you can afford pet insurance, go for it.

If you do not get insurance, you will pay out of your pocket.

How much you need to spend on your pet’s treatment depends on:

  • Pet’s age & breed
  • Type of animal, origin
  • How well you cared and maintained their wellbeing

Here is a rough cost chart for various health conditions.

  1. Foreign body surgery for a dog costs about $1,500.
  2. Treatment for parvovirus costs about $1,200.
  3. Kennel cough costs between $250 and $350.
  4. The cost of parasite removal is between $250 and $350.
Pet insurance in Canada
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Health conditions pet insurance can cover

Many insurance firms are offering various policies with distinct features. Scout and find the coverage best meets your pet’s needs and your financial situation. To avoid unpleasant surprises while in the hospital waiting for the fund, carefully study the terms and conditions of the coverage documents and ask your insurance provider/agent if hidden charges or conditions. The more favorable the conditions, the more expensive the policies will be.

More than half of the Canadian population keeps pets in their homes. We enjoy having a variety of pets, like dogs, birds, reptiles, cats, etc. Taking care of such companions might be costly. You do not want them to suffer and do not want high medical bills. Hence, purchasing pet insurance is a good idea.

If you decide to purchase pet insurance, do so early, when your pet is young. You will save money because of this.

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