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5 Reasons To Move To Chinatown, Toronto


Being one of the best neighborhoods to live in Toronto, Chinatown offers so much more. Read this blog to find the top 5 reasons to move to Chinatown, Toronto

Chinatown, Toronto

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You’ve to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Chinatown while exploring your living options in Toronto. Being one of the most authentic, lively, and economically developed areas, Chinatown is one of the best places to live. Here are the top 5 reasons to move to this side of the town.

1. Real estate and architectural aspects

In Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street, you will find Toronto’s Chinatown, one of the leading areas of North America. The region observes a vast majority of the population belonging to diverse ethnicities and cultures. Chinatown is also home to many students attending the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Ontario College of Art and Design.

The housing market here is affordable to individuals and families with low-to-moderate sources of income. Land rates have significantly increased in the past few years, yet the houses here are within your means even after being in the downtown core.

2. Market place and shopping options

Kensington Market, Chinatown centre, Dragon City Mall are your shopping destinations filled with stores.

If you are an art enthusiast, Bay of Spirits Gallery and Bau-Xi Gallery are some places for you to explore exquisite artworks.

3. Modes of transit

Public transportation in Toronto is punctual, safe, and easy to access. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offers subway, streetcar, and bus services in Toronto. You can travel through subways easily and are frequently available. If you want to travel by bus, it is best to know the bus routes and timings.

Reasons To Move To Chinatown, Toronto
Source: Unsplash

4. Authentic restaurants and eateries

Being one of Toronto’s most iconic neighborhoods, you will find a plethora of scrumptious and delectable food options. Host to a large immigrant community, it houses Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Thai restaurants.

There are plenty of places for you to dine here. If you enjoy Asian delicacies, you can visit the Dumpling House, Dim Sum King, Mother’s Dumplings, or Rol San Restaurant.

The neighborhood includes Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese restaurants that offer authentic home-style food. If you are a food enthusiast and want to explore Chinese and other East Asia delicacies, this place has so much to offer.

5. Parks and recreational options

Bellevue Square Park, Queen’s Park, Alexandra Park are amazing parks here, where you can relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. The aesthetic greenery and cozy vibes in these parks make it a wonderful place to visit after a long, tiring day.

The neighborhood also observes a 2-day event, Toronto Chinatown Festival (TCF). With engaging performances and interactive activities, the festival displays the diversified culture of the town and adds to the convivial atmosphere.

Chinatown is a beautiful place to move into. The real estate section on our website helps you find out more about property investment in Toronto.

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