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Cash Management Account In Canada


Want a bank account that offers a combination of savings, checking, and investment? Cash management account is the best option for you. Read on to find out more about this type of bank account in Canada.

Ross has high investment goals, but his bank restricts his investment in his favored securities.

The only way he could invest is to transfer money from his bank account and then make investments, which would be inconvenient and extremely risky. The features Ross was seeking seemed impossible until his friend Joey told him about the Cash management account.

It is an account that provides a combination of savings, checking, and investment account. It is the account Ross was looking for. A Cash Management Account is just like a savings account in terms of security. You can enjoy the features of a chequing account. You have ease of investment to buy and sell equities.

NBFCs are the most common providers of this form of account. You can choose from several cash management accounts, each with its unique set of features. We will go over everything you need to know about cash management accounts.

Cash Management Accounts: Who Needs Them?

It is an account for people who want to save time for banking. This one is for you if you love internet banking. Of the most appealing aspects of CMA is that their rates are competitive and transaction costs are minimal.

What are the Best Places to Open Cash Management Accounts?

CMAs are available through brokerage firms. That is your best option. It will also help you get better interest rates if you maintain a significant quantity of money.

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Cash Management Account Benefits and Drawbacks 


  • It allows clients to manage their banking and investment accounts through a unified platform.
  • CMA makes it easier to get finances.
  • Customers can earn better interest rates in it than in some existing institutions.
  • It offers simple banking services through mobile and web applications.
  • There are few or no banking or transaction costs with CMA.


  • CMA could provide lower rates than many online bank savings accounts.
  • It only provides virtual customer support. There are no local customer support representatives.
  • Some CMAs impose a high minimum balance requirement on customers.
  • It may cause you to lose out on high-yielding investing possibilities, like index funds.

If you use your net banking account a lot, CMA is of your interest. Although you cannot receive face-to-face customer service, it will provide you with virtual help. The benefits of having a cash management account are interesting enough to convince you to do so. Since different CMAs have unique features, be careful to pick the one that best meets your needs. Check out the list below if you are interested in learning more about related topics.

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