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Should You Break Your Mortgage Contract?


With some effort and planning, you may be able to break your mortgage without incurring costs. Find out more on breaking your mortgage contract from this blog.

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If you want to sell their houses or change your existing mortgage plans, you need to break your current mortgage contract. Such a decision may call for some penalty.

Let us discuss how you can break your mortgage contract and benefit from it as well.

First, let us know the basics of breaking your mortgage contract.

Breaking mortgage contract meaning

When you sign a mortgage contract, you consent to fixed terms and rules for a fixed period. Now, if you want to break away from these terms, or you want to redefine them, you can break your mortgage.

This entire procedure is breaking your mortgage contract. The process may cost you some penalty, but it is worth it if your current mortgage contract is not good.

Reasons to break mortgage contracts

When you sign a mortgage contract, you do not want to break it for the long term. However, certain factors might transpire to compel you to end the terms. It can help you save your money too.

We have listed a few reasons favoring breaking your mortgage contracts:

  1. When the prevailing interest rates have dropped, canceling a mortgage contract can help save you on the interest rate even at the cost of a penalty.
  2. Any change in the financial situation may prompt to break of a mortgage contract.
  3. You may break your mortgage if you want to shift to a new residence.
  4. You need to move to a different country because of personal reasons.
Breaking the mortgage contract
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Advantages of breaking a mortgage

There are certain advantages to breaking your mortgage contract. Some of them are:

  1. As time passes, you pay lower interest amounts than earlier. As new and lowered interest rates now apply, you save more money than before.
  2. It will reduce the monthly carrying costs incurred with a new plan.
  3. You can quickly pay the outstanding mortgage if you keep the same policies.
  4. A lower interest rate policy can help you save money on your monthly budget as well.

Disadvantages of breaking a mortgage

Breaking mortgages comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Certain disadvantages of breaking a mortgage contract are-

  1. The most common and obvious con of breaking a mortgage is bearing penalty fees. Fees may vary according to the contracts made.
  2. A new mortgage contract does not come by easily. You might have to go through many formalities again to sign a new mortgage contract.
  3. Many policies state the earned cashback needs to be at a percentage. It reduces your cash earned.

To conclude, breaking a mortgage contract has its advantages and disadvantages. Check every aspect before deciding on breaking a mortgage contract. 

The above guide on breaking a mortgage contract can help you make your decision correctly.


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