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Buying A Basement Apartment In Canada – The Pros And Cons


If you are thinking of buying a basement apartment in Canada, you are probably wondering if it is a good investment. The answer is yes, but with some pros and cons. Read on for more details.

Basement apartment

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A basement apartment may not be the first choice for many Canadian residents. Before deciding to invest in it, you must first know the pros and cons of a basement apartment.

We have listed basement apartment advantages and advantages in Canada.

Let us dive right in.

A basement apartment is in a basement which is at the bottom part of a house. Living in the lowest part of the house is living in a basement apartment.

We use the lower part of the house for extra storage or laundry. However, many Canadian citizens convert these basements into their homes.

Having a far idea about them, let us now briefly discuss the pros and cons of buying a basement apartment in Canada-

Basement apartment in Canada – Pros

1. Offers more space

The first advantage of a basement apartment is that it is very spacious to live in. We use a basement mainly for storage. The space provided there is fuller compared to other areas in an apartment. Many apartments have passages and hallways that take up space. A basement apartment is free from all this, thus making more space for residents.

2. Less expensive

Next, basement apartments are cheap compared to other apartments. The demand for these apartments is low, making them much cheaper. One another benefit is that one can live here temporarily here to test out the neighborhood as well.

3. Cool and cozy to live in

Since basement apartments are at a lower level, it gives a cooler atmosphere. If you are living in a hot region, it saves you the cost of air conditioning with its calm and cozy setting.

Pros and cons of basement apartment
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Basement apartment in Canada – Cons

1. The risk of floods

First, basement apartments are at the lowest level. It makes them prone to floods as well. If any water pipe bursts, the first place where all the water will rush is the basement. Also, during any heavy cyclone conditions, a basement apartment may get heavily flooded.

2. Prone to security issues

Next, a basement apartment is directly open to the streets. It makes it extremely easy for a thief to break in. Secure all openings like windows, doors to make it more secured and safer for staying.

3. Risk of bugs and flies

Last, the lower levels are quiet and dark. It invites bugs and flies to make their dwelling. Ensure that you have sealed all cracks and holes to reduce the risk of any bug infestation.

To conclude, before deciding to buy a basement apartment in Canada, you must know all. The above heads-up can help you before you make the big decision on a basement apartment in Canada.

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