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Why Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans Are Important?


Getting a health insurance plan ensures that your medical costs do not affect your retirement savings. Keep reading to know the importance of senior citizen health insurance.

Senior citizen insurance

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At what age do I need health insurance? 

This is the quintessential question that you should ask yourself very early in your career when you are young and in robust good health condition. We have suffered no ailment in our entire life. Why should we worry about health plans which are specifically meant for old age? We are confident about continuing in the same health condition until we grow old enough. 

In present times, with pollution, exposure, stress, and environmental degradation happening around us, the value of health insurance no one can overlook. The relevance of health insurance has increased manifold over the years regardless of your age. Senior citizens must have one even though they are hale and hearty. 

Health insurance certainly helps you live a life without depending on anyone, not living at anyone’s mercy. It prepares you to cope up with health emergencies as you grow old and feeble? 

Yes, Canada Health Act is available to all Canadians to help access basic quality healthcare with some healthcare facilities not covered. You need health insurance to cover the rising costs of critical healthcare.  

We dedicate this article to the relevance of senior citizen health insurance. I hope it helps all looking for health insurance to protect them and their family’s health. 

Why Do Senior Citizens Need Health Insurance? 

An Arabian proverb goes, ‘He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.’ In times of pandemic, healthcare is of predominant importance for both young and old. 

Understandably, as you age, you become susceptible to many diseases. You can build immunity to such diseases by practicing yoga, regular exercises, routine health checkups, a nutritious diet, etc. But you cannot prevent deteriorating health conditions. 

One must not leave everything to fate and destiny. We need health insurance coverage in Canada to safeguard the health of our, our families, and dependents. 

What is not covered in the healthcare system? 

The Canadian territories and provinces also provide supplemental coverage, paying for additional healthcare services. This insurance covers the basic treatments. There are many health conditions not covered under this insurance plan.  

If you are not eligible for these plans, bear the medical expenses out of your pocket. You need a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers:  

  • Eye Care 
  • Dental Care 
  • Prescription Drugs 
  • Ambulance Services 
  • Independent Living (Home Care) 

Do senior citizens need dental and eye insurance? 

Dental healthcare
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What is the importance of Oral Healthcare at the Old Age? 

Oral health is a decisive factor in our holistic health conditions. Oral health is of key importance regardless of your age but becomes critical during old age. We have seen the elderly suffering from severe oral ailments that need surgery. Even a little oral pain can cause a lot of discomforts. 

If your gums and teeth are healthy, you will have a longer and sustainable healthy life. Senior citizens need dental insurance to cover the costs of dental procedures.  

What is the importance of Eyecare at the Old Age? 

Most adults over the age of 60 need eye care. You can cover some of these treatments in supplementary coverage but not all. If the cost of the treatment exceeds the cost borne by the health insurance, then you need to pay the additional cost of treatment from your pocket. Hence, senior citizens must buy eye insurance separately to have them covered for all eye-related diseases. 

What are the benefits of life insurance for seniors? 

Cover Outstanding Expenses 

In old age, you may have to repay a loan or mortgage. Having insurance cover helps your family to repay the mortgage outstanding in case of your demise. 

Pay for Your Final Expenses 

If you purchase health insurance, it will also cover the costs of the funeral proceedings. 

Financial Aid for Your Family in Your Absence 

Insurance can help you contribute to your family financially with an amount they can use to meet their expenditures in your absence. 

How much health coverage you need? 

The health coverage you need depends on your present health condition. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, you need to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible for health insurance. You can choose the health insurance that provides maximum benefit to meet your medical needs in the future. 

Health insurance
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Can I buy health insurance later? 

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) National Listening Tour survey in 2019 suggests that healthcare worries sit right at the top of the list of personal worries and worries for all Canadians. 

Canadians worry about their and their families’ healthcare. Most Canadians are building a backup plan for a clinically sustainable future. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing health insurance at an early age to keep the cost low. However, it is never too late to go for insurance regardless of your age if you don’t have one. 

Most people believe getting health insurance in their later years is hard, but that isn’t true. People who are over 60 can also get health insurance coverage easily, but the premium is higher. 

Senior citizen health insurance cannot be overlooked. To find more about various insurance plans, read on ‘What are different Life Insurance?’. 


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