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11 Ways To Save Money While Shopping On Amazon


Are you worried about excessive spending while shopping online? Read this blog to find out the hidden tips and tactics for saving money while shopping on Amazon.

Amazon shopping tips and tricks

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These days, Amazon has got a vital role in our life. From gadgets to groceries, we order so many things online and Amazon is definitely one of our top choices. You are likely to find fantastic prices for everything, from gadgets, books, and toys to clothing, jewelry, and home goods.

Even if you are already receiving a decent price on your favorite items, still there are methods to save money when you purchase them from Amazon.  

If you want to be known for getting the finest deals in your circle of family and friends yet keeping your wallet full, this is the article you have been looking for. 
Give these tricks a quick read to save while you shop!

Tips to Save More Money 

1. Effectively using the Amazon Visa Signature Card. 

The Amazon.com card features a unique function that allows you to earn up to 5% cash back at many locations, such as pharmacies, petrol and gas stations, and dinners. In addition, you can get 1% cashback on anything else, and you can use it wherever the merchant or POS accepts Visa.  

2. Make the Optimum use of Amazon Prime.  

If you purchase on Amazon frequently, you might save a lot of money with Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime membership costs $99 per year. If you become a member, you can enjoy perks in terms of points in your account with each purchase which you can redeem later.   

3. Using The 30-Day Free Trial Option 

If you are not a frequent shopper or are hesitant about purchasing Amazon prime membership, you can at least try the free 30-day trial. It is a great option because you can always cancel the subscription before the month ends and save yourself from spending any money. 

4. Enjoying discounts by registering as a Prime Student. 

This method works the same way as the original Amazon Prime account. The only thing which is necessary here is for you to have a valid EDU email address, provided by your education institution. You can get Amazon Prime for half the price this way.
You’ll also get a six-month free trial, after which it will upgrade you to regular Prime member for 50% off!  

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5. Making Use of Amazon Family Discounts.

If you are a Prime member, with family members who love online shopping, you can sign up for the Amazon Family for free and gain access to exclusive Amazon discounts and coupons. It also offers 20 percent off subscriptions for family-related items like diapers, infant formula, vitamins, and much more.

6. Let Your Entire Family Use Your Account

Amazon allows up to 10 family members in a single account, through its Amazon Household feature. It saves money and serves your entire family’s needs, just by accessing one account!

7. Using Amazon Reward Program.

Amazon works with several credit card companies (including Chase and Discover), so you may save your points or cash back to pay for your Amazon.com purchases, replacing your hard-earned cash!

8. Monitoring Everyday Deals and Coupons.

If you visit Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” section, every day might feel like Cyber Monday! The savings on Amazon shopping are infinite, ranging from 24-hour discounts to open boxes and even used items.

9. Get Paid to Shop.

You can wonderfully use this feature just by simply signing up for a MyPoints account. This will let you get points with every purchase you make. If you are already buying on Amazon, why not earn some cash as well while you are shopping!

10. Using a Browser Plugin for Price Comparison.

Installing a price-checking plugin like Honey, ensures you are getting the greatest deal on Amazon items.

It immediately compares prices at different stores to assist you in finding a better deal!

11. Making Use of Deal-Tracking Websites.

The prices on Amazon keep on fluctuating. Some sites like CamelCamelCamel.com will notify you if the price of an item you like reduces. This website also provides pricing histories for millions of items to assist you in determining the best time to buy!

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If you love online shopping, Amazon is certainly one of your go-to destinations. Just like every wise consumer, you would also like to save money on every purchase. Save this post so you can implement some of these tactics the next time you shop on Amazon.com.

Happy Shopping!

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